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ECE research expenditures of $17M for the last completed fiscal year (2015-16). This was the highest for any department in the college and highest all-time for ECE.

ECE Seminar Hosts Two BME Faculty Jan. 25

On January 25, ECE hosts a unique seminar at 11:45, Larsen 310, with two BME faculty giving condensed, 15-minute talks. Dr. Ruogo Fang and Dr. Kevin Otto will each present their big ideas in a format similar to a TED talk.

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Formed the Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World based on $5M donation by David and Daryl Nelms to honor Warren B. Nelms, an ECE alum.

Martin Uman Featured on NPR

NPR’s RadioLab featured Dr. Martin Uman on a Dec. 20 episode, “Big Little Questions.” In the quirky and personal segment, Dr. Uman identifies a strange phenomenon as ball lightning and goes on to describe it as a “well documented mystery.”

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Freshman Design Course Gives EE Students a Hands-On Experience

ECE Florida wants EE Freshman to know that we are offering a 2-credit ECE freshmen design course for the spring 2018, EGN1935 ECE Adventures section 1941.

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