ECE Florida to Launch Hardware & Systems Security Certificate

Students and professionals alike will be able to become experts in the field of hardware security beginning in January 2019 with the launch of ECE Florida’s new Hardware and Systems Security (HSS) certificate.

The HSS Certificate is a distinctive offering that provides comprehensive training and education on all aspects of hardware security and its interaction with software and systems security. This unique certificate program, available to UF students and working professionals, is delivered completely online, enabling participants to study at their own pace—any time, anywhere. Students will be awarded the certificate after successfully completing three online courses:

Course Number Title Instructor
EEE 5716 Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust Mark Tehranipoor
EEL 5855 Cross Layered Systems Security Daniela Oliveira
EEE 6744 Hands-On Hardware Security Swarup Bhunia

Two students working on the HaHa boardThese three courses will provide students with the appropriate training, knowledge, and skills to prepare them for pursuing a career in the field of hardware and systems security.

The HSS Certificate’s first course, Introduction to Hardware Security, introduces students to the fundamentals of hardware security and trust of integrated circuits. In Cross Layered Systems Security, students learn the principles of computer security and the practical aspects of building secure computer systems. Hands-on Hardware Security, the certificate’s capstone course, focuses on the practical learning of computer hardware security using a hands-on approach.

The Haha boardWhile it may seem counterintuitive to consider an online course hands-on, in this case, it makes perfect sense. All students enrolled in Hands-On Hardware Security will receive a “HA-HA board,” a hardware module (printed circuit board, interconnect cables, manual) created specifically for the course and certificate. Students will connect the board to their computers and attempt to ‘ethically hack’ into the board, completing 15 experiments and activities aimed at providing a holistic view of hardware and hardware security. By the end of the course, students will have simulated attacks on the system, devised countermeasures, and understood how to protect the hardware and the system that is stacked on top of it.

Whether working towards a graduate degree or simply looking to become an expert in the burgeoning field of hardware security, students completing the HSS Certificate will find that it adds value to their career.

As Mark Tehranipoor, Co-Director of the Florida Institute for Cybersecurity (FICS) Research says, “Getting a certificate from this institute and the prestigious institution like UF it adds significant value to not only to our students who get this certificate but to those who are not necessarily our full-time students. You don’t have to get a degree or a PhD in the area of hardware security to be an expert in the field. We believe that certificate-holders will present themselves as experts in their fields, whether it’s academia, industry or government.”

Hear more from Dr. Tehranipoor and Dr. Bhunia as they discuss the certificate in this video.

Registration for the certificate program will begin October 2018. Watch, ECE Florida social media, and your inbox for further details.