Student News

Summer ECE Workshops for International Students

This summer, ECE is hosting two workshops and a research opportunity, all designed especially for international students. The workshops are perfect for students interested in UF’s graduate program. Both workshops aim to help international students to gain theoretical knowledge, develop research ideas and skills, and improve their chances for successful application to US graduate schools.

Morgan Thomas & GRiP Lab: Finding Time to Help

Somehow, in the midst of her rigorous EE coursework, Morgan Thomas finds the time to serve as the electrical design lead for Generational Relief in Prosthetics (GRiP), a student group which provides 3D-printed custom-designed video game controllers to people with limb differences.

Learn LabVIEW for Free June 25-29

UF students and faculty will have the opportunity of attending a five-day immersive course teaching the fundamentals of LabView, June 25-29 in the New Engineering Building (NEB). The course normally costs $3500 but will be offered for free to UF students.