Winning SHREC Team Continues Their Success

In November 2018, a team of ECE graduate students from SHREC were the winners of the first-ever Dell EMC AI Challenge, an AI competition for scientific and business applications. The award-winning project, HGC, demonstrated the application of deep learning in high energy physics.

Since winning the challenge, the team members have been busy, not simply resting on their laurels. In fact, of the four, three have full-time job offers and one is continuing towards a Ph.D. Nirali will join DataCore Software in Fort Lauderdale, Shreyas will join Samsung Semiconductors in San Jose, while Akash will join Cisco in San Jose. Chao is continuing with his Ph.D. studies, jointly collaborating on AI research with NESRC, CERN Openlab, Intel and Dell.

The team worked closely with Dr. David Ojika, Post-doc Research Associate and Dr. Herman Lam, Director of SHREC.

“I will surely stay in touch after I leave from [UF ECE],” says Shreyas. “I had a great journey in SHREC. I learned a lot, made some good friends, and built my professional network. I look back in time and realize that I was lucky in my first semester when I approached David [Ojika] to do a project with him. That eventually led to working at SHREC,” he continued.

ECE graduate students Shreyas Gaadikere, Nirali Patel, Chao Jiang, and Akash Vasishta

We wish everyone on the team farewell and the best of luck in their future endeavors!