Spring 2022 Senior Design Expo Showcases Students’ Final Projects

Once again as the semester came to a close, ECE students showcased their Senior Design final projects in the NEB rotunda at the Spring 2022 Senior Design Expo on Thursday, April 21. Senior Design capstone projects are traditionally done by two-person teams, working together to create a project which represents the culmination of the undergraduate ECE experience. All of the projects were completed with help and advice provided by instructors Mike Stapleton and Eric Leibner, and overseen by Professor William Eisenstadt.

After all projects were presented on Thursday, the five overall best projects were chosen and then presented to the final judging panel (composed of members of the ECE External Advisory Board), who then ranked the top five projects. Students were given cash prizes accordingly. The results are below. Join us in congratulating the winning students!

Ranking Project Photo Team
1 Fuel Injector Tester Fuel Injector Tester Matthew Jager & Cole Prospero
2 Polyphonic Synthesizer polyphonic synth Zachary Claussen & Wei-Che Huang
2 (tie) American Sign Language Glove ASL Glove Clarisse Woodahl & Camilo Alvarez
4 Autonomous Car Autonomous Car Juan Diaz & Skyler Bowers
5 Audioneers Sobhi Hosni & Edward Devlin