Spring 2019 Senior Design Expo Winners Announced

Spring Senior Design Expo 2019 began, as usual, with a crowded NEB atrium and more than a few robots. On the morning of April 25, students displayed their projects throughout the lobby, explaining details to curious onlookers and colleagues. Some were still scrambling to apply last minute fixes to their projects, while others, clearly exhausted, relished the fact that their projects were finally complete.

After the initial round of judging was complete, Dr. Karl Gugel announced the top five projects as Senior Design instructors Mike Stapleton and Eric Leibner looked on. The five finalist teams took their projects upstairs to various labs in NEB to undergo the second round of judging. The judging to rank the top five projects was done by the ECE External Advisory Board (EAB), members of which were in town for the annual board meeting. Each team showed their projects to and fielded questions from EAB members. After a great deal of careful deliberation, the results were as follows:

Place Students Project Title
1st Pedro Almeida & Giorgio Mendoza Self-Balancing Robot
2nd Evan Gruda & Caleb Robey Air Canvas: A Real Time 3D Modeling Tool
3rd Nick Poindexter & Samantha Soto LED Matrix Gaming System
4th Dave Russell & Caitlin Irene M.E.S.S. Board–A Multi-Effect Sound Sampler
5th Lars Tatum & Isaac Bean A Mixed-Signal Reconfigurable Guitar Multieffects Unit