Spring 2021 Senior Design Expo Showcases Students’ Final Projects

Once again as the end of the semester approached, ECE students showcased their capstone projects during Senior Design Expo, held on Thursday, April 22. While Senior Design projects are traditionally done by two-person teams (one EE and one CpE), the complications due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic made team projects much more challenging. As a result, this semester, all of the projects were completed by solo teams, with help and advice provided by Instructors Mike Stapleton and Eric Leibner, all overseen by Professor William Eisenstadt.

After all projects were presented, the best four projects were chosen and then presented to the ECE External Advisory Board, who ranked the top four projects, determining cash prizes given directly to the students. The results are below. Join us in congratulating the winning students!

Place Student Photo Project
First Leonidas Lavdas Full-Size Arcade Console
Second Beau Bakken GatorFace Mask Screen
Third Sean James Minchin Special Audio Effects
Fourth John Joseph Carr Remote Controlled Vehicle with Computer Vision Targets

A hearty congratulations to All students who completed their Senior Design projects!