Daniela Oliveira & Yier Jin Awarded NSF Grant for IoT Security Solution

Daniela Oliveira and Yier Jin (co-principal investigators) have recently been awarded an NSF grant which will support REVELARE,  a comprehensive security solution for IoT devices. The nearly $600k grant supports their efforts to design, implement, and fabricate REVELARE, which protects IoT devices in two ways:

“The first is through a hardware module embedded in the device, which can analyze and filter low-level events based on predefined security policies. The second component resides on a cloud environment and performs forensic analyses on a large set of events continuously recorded from the IoT device.”

Comprehensive security solutions for smart and connected devices, also known as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, are more necessary than ever as these devices are now an integral part of our daily lives. As the abstract notes,

“The convenience provided by IoT devices comes with unique security and privacy concerns. Because of the shortened time-to-market and the fierce competition among companies, security has not been treated as a priority in these devices. Very importantly, IoT security challenges are different from those present in conventional devices because IoT devices (i) are heterogeneous, (ii) have limited computational resources, and (iii) can be prevalent in very large numbers.”

Read the full abstract here.