Three Young Faculty Members Shine

On any given day, ECE Florida’s top-notch faculty are doing amazing work in any number of areas within the discipline, but three in particular have earned prestigious high-profile awards this summer. Yier Jin, an associate professor, Roozbeh Tabrizian, and Domenic Forte (both assistant professors) have all recently received national awards recognizing outstanding work done by researchers early in their careers. They have proven that length of career is no indication of the calibre of work being done.

Yier Jin

Office of naval research YIP

Associate Professor Dr. Yier Jin is a recipient of an Office of Naval Research (ONR) Young Investigators Program (YIP) Award for 2019. Dr. Jin’s proposal, “On-Chip Intelligent Sensor Based Real-Time Analog Trojan Detection Framework for Microprocessor Trustworthiness,” is recognized in the Cyber Security and Complex Software Systems area. The official announcement can be viewed at the ONR website.

Dr. Jin is the Director of Academic Programs for the Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World and is IoT Term Professor at ECE Florida.

Roozbeh Tabrizian

DARPA Young Faculty Award

Assistant Professor Dr. Roozbeh Tabrizian is set to receive a 2019 DARPA Young Faculty Award for his proposal, “Ferroelectrically Transduced Ge Nano-Fin Bulk Acoustic Resonators for Chip-Scale Instinctually Adaptive RF Spectral Processing.” The prestigious $500K award will support Tabrizian’s efforts to protect cutting-edge civilian and military communication systems from jamming and interference using a novel approach based on nonlinear electro-mechanical scattering in germanium nano-fin bulk acoustic resonators.

Besides being an assistant professor at ECE, Dr. Tabrizian is a member of the Interdisciplinary Microsystems Group (IMG) and the founding member of the Tabrizian Group. Find out more about his project here.

Domenic Forte

Presidential Early Career/ECASE-Army

Utilizing a “bridge” program called ECASE-Army in order to allow for a more rapid award transfer, the Army Research Office (ARO) has awarded Dr. Domenic Forte a $1 million grant to study ways and means of securing electronic hardware systems. The award is also a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) award—On July 2, the White House issued a press release, officially naming Dr. Forte as one of the PECASE awardees.

Dr. Forte’s research is entitled “SWIFT: A Signature-enabled Wireless Infrastructure for Forensics, Tracking, and Locking of Electronic Systems.” Dr. Forte and his team will work on technology to collect data from an electronic system that will give it a unique “fingerprint” for its entire working life. The resulting “fingerprint” will allow owners of the system to track it through logistics and the supply chain, lock it to prevent malicious vandalism in the supply chain and during deployment, and determine its path and location in the case of theft. Read more on the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering’s website.

Dr. Forte is an assistant professor at ECE and is Director of the Florida Institute for Cybersecurity (FICS) Research Scan Lab.