Yoon and UFTI Study Bus Bike Rack Usage

WUFT · Study At University of Florida Leads To New Discoveries About Transportation Bike Racks

ECE Professor Yong-Kyu Yoon and UF Transportation Institute (UFTI) Director Lily Elefteriadou were recently interviewed by WUFT News about a years-long study of bus bike rack usage on local RTS buses. Dr. Yoon and his students deployed sensors on the racks which enabled them to track activity over time. The system enables constant wireless monitoring of how and when the bike racks at the front of RTS buses are utilized. Yoon’s research group also developed a smartphone app to provide an elegant and convenient way for the data to be displayed.

Batch fabrication of sensor assemblies

The project is part of the UFTI’s I-Street initiative, working to create a “smart testbed” on the UF campus and surrounding highway network. Access to this kind of continuous data enables researchers at the UFTI to make generalizations and recommendations about the ways in which bus bike racks could be utilized in the future.

Read the full project brief here.