Update from the Chair—Summer 2021

June 3, 2021

Greetings from Gainesville. Things are slowly returning to normal after this weirdest of years. We intend to fully re-inhabit our buildings on campus at pre-pandemic levels by June 28. Hovering over Larsen and Benton Halls are reminders that we are hurtling towards the future—construction cranes are busily constructing Malachowsky Hall (our future department headquarters) a reality. Curious as to the progress? View current photos and video here:

Here at ECE Florida, we’ve been planning some changes to curriculum. We’re about to institute a pilot program of graduate tracks, adding 13 optional areas of concentration within the graduate degrees. It’s our hope that these areas will make it easier for our graduates to identify their particular skillsets and areas of expertise to potential employers, whether in industry or academia. The pilot program begins this fall.

We’ve recently added a certificate in the area of machine learning, a recognition of the transformative nature of artificial intelligence. As UF moves to incorporate AI into all levels of its curriculum as part of the massive $70M AI Initiative in partnership with NVIDIA, it made sense for ECE to offer our own certificate to the greater community.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, and Go Gators!

John G. Harris