Sachio Semmoto Returns to ECE Florida

Dr. Sachio Semmoto

Q&A with Dr. Sachio Semmoto
Monday, Feb. 19 at 11:00am
Nvidia Auditorium
Malachowsky Hall
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Students will get the unique chance of asking a world-renowned innovator and entrepreneur—Dr. Sachio Semmoto—about his life, his career path, and anything else on Monday, Feb. 19. The Q&A session with Dr. Semmoto will be held at 11:00am in the NVIDIA Auditorium in Malachowsky Hall and will be an in-person only event.

Dr. Semmoto has a long and special relationship with UF and ECE FLORIDA. He received his MS & Ph.D. degrees in electrical and computer engineering (1968 and 1971, respectively) and has since generously supported a number of initiatives at UF. He was instrumental in the creation of the Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World, supporting it with a generous gift of $1.5 million, thus creating the Semmoto Professorship of IoT. Sachio and Frances Semmoto have recently extended their generosity and leadership to the naming of the ECE Chair, making Dr. Mark Tehranipoor the inaugural Sachio Semmoto Chair of ECE.

Dr. Semmoto has a long and storied history of entrepreneurship in Japan. He began his career at Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT), where he led the development of Japan’s first optical fiber system. He went on to co-found DDI Corporation, the first privately-held telephone company in Japan. In 2005, Semmoto founded his fifth start-up company, eMobile. With a propensity to create new systems for future generations, Semmoto is a founder of Eco-Power Co., Ltd., Japan’s first wind-power generating company, and has helped lead the movement for eco-friendly technology in Japan. Dr. Semmoto is the current Chairman and CEO of eAccess and eMobile, a Japanese telecommunication company.