Renesas to Visit UF March 7

Japanese semiconductor titan Renesas is set to visit the UF campus on Thursday, March 7, for a full day of visits and interaction with ECE Florida. Representatives will present a technical talk at 1:00pm focusing on key engineering roles for IC development. Later in the day, there will be a networking event and résumé workshop.

In attendance will be representatives from Renesas’ product engineering, design engineering, failure analysis, and applications engineering departments.

Technical Talk

Larsen 234 at 1:00pm

The entirety of integrated circuit (IC) development hinges upon a cohesive team of individuals with varying talents and roles, supporting each other in daily tasks, devising ideas for solutions to unexpected challenges, and diligently focusing on the common goal of bringing an exciting, innovative product to market. Renesas will be offering a seminar for students to become familiar with engineering roles that may suit their talents and desires in ways not yet considered. One of the unsung heroes of the industry is the failure analysis engineer. These engineers de-process ICs with unexpected behavior and, with varying techniques, are able to single out the location or source of aberration in performance of the IC.

The highlight of the seminar will be a review of techniques and tools used for failure analysis of ICs, allowing students to gain a greater appreciation for the intricacies of IC development and manufacturing.

Networking Event & Résumé Workshop

NVIDIA Auditorium at 5:30pm
Malachowsky Hall

Learn more about Renesas at the networking event. Company representatives will be on hand to talk to students, share more about the company, and provide feedback on students’ résumés. Pizza and drinks will be provided!

Students can use the QR code below or this link to upload their résumés.

QR code Renesas