ECE Seminar Thurs. 10/26


A View on Malware Countermeasures R&D


Andre Gregio is an Assistant Professor at the Federal University of Parana, Brazil.


LAR 310 (Note new room!)


1:00 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 26


As malicious programs continually evolve, defense mechanisms seem to be stuck in time. To effectively combat malware, the security community needs to make use of novel techniques, shift current paradigms, and borrow knowledge from other fields. This talk will present an overview of the ongoing research and development activities (at UFPR and with colleagues in other universities, including UF). Most of this work revolves around malware detection and classification, including the use of hardware-assisted technologies, application of biologically-inspired algorithms, and design of operating system components for defeating malware on traditional computing basis, as well as for mobile devices and the IoT.


Andre’ Gregio is an Assistant Professor at the Federal University of Parana, Brazil (UFPR). His research interests include several aspects of computer and network security, such as countermeasures against malicious codes, security data visualization/analysis, and mobile security. Prof. Gregio is funded by the Brazilian National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq) and the Brazilian Ministry of Health. In 2017, Prof. Gregio was awarded the Google Latin America Research Award for his research on automatic detection of concept-drift in malware classifiers.