Seminar: Olaoluwa Adigun

Olaoluwa Adigun is a Ph.D. candidate in the Signal and Image Processing Institute, ECE Department at USC (LA). He presents “Bidirectional Backpropagation and High Capacity Network” Thursday, March 31 at 1:00pm Via Zoom.

Seminar: Aoyang Zhang

Dr. Aoyang Zhang is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. He presents “Integrated Circuit and System for Next Generation Communications, Sensing and Imaging” Tuesday, March 1 at 1:00pm via Zoom.

Seminar: Yuheng Bu

Yugeng Bu

Dr. Yuheng Bu is a postdoctoral research associate with the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He presents “Can Information Theory Characterize Learning Algorithms?” Thursday, March 3 at 1:00pm via Zoom.

Seminar: Rui Zhang

Rui Zhang

Rui Zhang is currently a final-year PhD candidate at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology. She presents “Next-generation Heterogeneous Communications: Capacity, Flexibility, and Efficiency” Tuesday, March 15 at 1:00pm via Zoom.

Seminar: Talline Martins

Dr. Talline Martins is the Director of the Office of Graduate Professional Development. She presents “Resources to Develop Professional Skills in Graduate School,” Thursday, Feb. 24 at 1:00pm via Zoom.

Seminar: Yaoqing Yang

Dr. Yaoqing Yang is a postdoctoral researcher at the RISE Lab at UC Berkeley. He presents “Local vs Global Structures in Machine Learning Generalization” Thursday, March 24 at 1:00pm via Zoom.

Seminar: Ivan Ruchkin

Dr. Ivan Ruchkin is a postdoctoral researcher in the PRECISE center at the University of Pennsylvania. He presents “Overcoming Heterogeneity in Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems” Thursday, March 17 at 1:00pm via Zoom.

Seminar: Adam Khalifa

Dr. Adam Khalifa is a postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He presents “Design, Fabrication, and Validation of Next-Generation Neural Interfaces” Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 1:00pm via Zoom.

Seminar: Daniel L. Silver

Daniel Silver

Dr. Daniel Silver is a professor in and former director of the Jodrey School of Computer Science, Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia. He presents “Lifelong Machine Learning and Reasoning” Friday, Feb. 25 at 1:00pm via Zoom.

Seminar: Baibhab Chatterjee

Baibhab Chatterjee is currently a final-year Ph.D. Candidate in the Elmore Family School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, USA. He presents “Energy-Efficient Secure Communication and Sensing Modalities for the Internet of Bodies (IoB)” Monday, Feb. 21 at 1:00pm via Zoom.