Seminar: Markondeyaraj Pulugurtha

“Heterogeneous Power, RF, Digital and Sensor Component Integration Technologies with Advanced Packaging”
Friday, April 19 at 1:00pm
MALA 5050
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Heterogeneous component integration with seamless and 3D connectivity between digital, RF, analog and passive components in a single package with unlimited bandwidth at lower power is the key to realize future electronic and bioelectronic systems. This talk describes the recent embedded component technologies that are making heterogeneous integration a reality. High-density and high-efficiency power components and innovative 3D component designs will be described for integrated power modules.The second part focuses on material and component integration technologies for high-bandwidth 5G-6G communications, including high-gain antenna arrays in a package with integrated power dividers and combiners, low-loss interconnects with substrate-integrated low-loss waveguides, integrated electromagnetic interference isolation structures and integrated nanodielectrics for nonreciprocal and tunable components. The last part of the presentation describes nanopackaging technologies to enable bioelectronic systems with seamless integration between neural recording arrays, active devices and wireless interfaces for ultra-miniaturized wearable and implantable bioelectronic systems.


Dr. Markondeyaraj Pulugurtha’s expertise is in packaging of electronic and bioelectronic systems, power-supply and wireless component integration in flex and rigid packages, and biocompatible and hermetic packaging with high-density feedthroughs. He is an is an associate professor at Florida International University. He co-led several technical thrusts in electronic packaging, working with the whole electronic ecosystem, which includes semiconductor, packaging, material, tool, and end-user companies. He is widely recognized for his contributions in integrated passive components and technology roadmapping, component integration for bioelectronic, power and RF modules, and also for promoting the role of nanomaterials and nanostructures for electronics packaging applications, as evident through his several industry partnerships, invited presentations, publications and awards. His research led to 380 publications, which include 110 journal papers, 19 book chapters and 16 articles in widely circulated technology magazines, ~225 conference publications, and 11 patents. His papers received more than 25 best-paper awards. He is the Associate Editor for IEEE CPMT transactions and IEEE Nanotechnology magazine, and the Co-Chair for the IEEE nanopackaging technical committee since 2014. He earned his BS (1999) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, ME (1995) from (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) and PhD (1999) from Rutgers University, New Jersey. He served as the IEEE Distinguished Lecturer from 2020-2022, and General Chair for 3D Power Electronics Integration and Manufacturing in 2023.