Seminar: Rohan Basu Roy

Rohan Basu Roy

“Toward Making Computation on Large-scale Systems Faster, Cheaper, and More Environment-Friendly”
Wednesday, Feb. 21 at 1:00pm
LAR 234
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Our large-scale computing systems have enjoyed tremendous growth in computational power over the last few decades. Today’s supercomputers can perform 10^18 floating-point calculations per second — roughly equivalent to our brain’s postulated computational power and incur more than a million metric tons of carbon per year, equivalent to over a quarter-million households’ carbon footprint.

Unfortunately, the race for raw speed has come at a cost and posed new challenges. The systems have become increasingly complex and heterogeneous; therefore, extracting meaningful performance from these systems has led to a severe productivity challenge for programmers. This is both sad and concerning because ultimately, a productivity-challenged end-user is likely to experience slower performance, higher costs, and be unable to reason about the environmental implications of their computation.

If you have run an application on a cloud computing platform or own a high-performance cluster and were frustrated with slow speed and high costs or feel anxious about assessing the environmental impact of your computation, you are not alone — you are the perfect audience for this talk! In this talk, I will share insights and new techniques to make complex applications run faster and cheaper in an increasingly heterogeneous computing environment and emerging computing models. Simply buying the fastest and most expensive computing device is neither always cost-effective nor carbon-footprint-effective — in fact, it can worsen the situation. Instead, I’ll demonstrate how to devise strategies to “mix up” the old and new hardware and map applications intelligently to extract more performance at lower cost and a lower carbon footprint.


Rohan Basu Roy is a Ph.D. Candidate at Northeastern University, Boston, advised by Professor Devesh Tiwari. Rohan’s research is focused on designing novel methods and tools for enhancing programmer productivity and making large-scale computing systems more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. Rohan’s research contributions have appeared at rigorously peer-reviewed publication venues including ASPLOS, Supercomputing (SC), PLDI, ISCA, SIGMETRICS, HPCA, HPDC, ATC, PPoPP, and others. For his research contributions, he has been recognized with the 2023 ACM/IEEE-CS George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowship, 2023 MLCommons ML and Systems Rising Star recognition, and 2023 Northeastern University ECE Excellence in Research Award.