Fall 2017 Senior Design Expo Recap

The Senior Design Expo for 2017, held on Dec. 7, was a rousing success. Senior Design students began the day showcasing their projects in the NEB Lobby at 11:00, while students, faculty, and interested onlookers explored. Among the onlookers were ‘celebrity’ ECE judges:

  • Retired faculty member Dr. Leon Couch
  • Alumnus Don Irons  (BSEE 1969)
  • Alumnus Ralph “Rocky” Long (BSEE 1971 Engineering, MS 1977)

The judges, along with ECE Chair Dr. John Harris, selected the five best projects which would compete for first place (as well as some scholarship money). The results were as follows:

Place Project Title Students
1st Drone Glove Christoph Porwol & Alex Rodriguez
2nd Analog Synthesizer Kristian Legcevic & Keenan Lind
3rd Timeless Clock Stephany Herrera $ Angel Vera
4th Smart Pen Paige Bohana & Amber Ransford
5th GatorSynth Eurorack Step-Sequencer Kyle Griffey & Kurt Yilmaz

Interested in more details about the winners? You can see a bit about the projects here: