Annual SHREC Workshop Showcases Space Computing Research to Academia, Industry

More than 120 experts in the areas of space computing, high-performance computing, and resilient computing converged recently at the University Florida campus for the 2019-2020 SHREC Annual Workshop. SHREC, the Center for Space, High-Performance, and Resilient Computing, is funded by the National Science Foundation under the Industry-University Cooperative Research Center Program. SHREC is a national research center and consortium consisting of:

  • Four universities: University of Pittsburgh, University of Florida, Brigham Young University, and Virginia Tech
  • More than 30 SHREC members from industry (e.g., Intel, Dell), government organizations (e.g., NASA, NSA), and research labs (e.g., Sandia National Labs, Laboratory for Physical Sciences)

The workshop was a two-day event focusing on the research projects on space computing, high-performance computing, and resilient computing. Attendees came from from academia, industry, and government to see the latest developments in the center’s research. During the first day, three sessions were scheduled for faculty and student researchers to present their results from the past year, arranged by research topic: Aerospace, Tools, and High-Performance Computing.

Immediately after each session, there was a corresponding poster & demo session—students had a chance to showcase their recent research projects to interested members of industry, government, and academia.

The second day of the workshop was devoted to presentation of and voting on proposals for SHREC projects for the coming year (2020).

The 2019-20 SHREC Annual Workshop was a great success, with more than 120 registered participants. Planning for the next workshop has already begun—the 2020 SHREC Midyear Workshop will be held June 10-11 at the University of Pittsburgh.