ECE Forum on Diversity: Dr. Sarah L. Rodriguez

ECE Diversity Forum

“Exploring Engineering and Computing Identity Development for Latina (and other URM) Students”
Monday, October 19 at 4 pm
Zoom Recording


Under-represented minority (URM) students are entering higher education at greater rates than before, yet they have disproportionately lower completion rates and career representation in engineering and computing disciplines. This presentation will address the need for developing a sense of engineering and computing identity among URM students, specifically discussing Latina college students as a case study. The case study will describe an on-going research agenda illuminating how Latina students make meaning of their experiences in order to develop and sustain their identities before and during college. The presenter will encourage attendees to consider concrete ways that various educational stakeholders can encourage engineering and computing identity development and success for Latina and other URM students.
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Sarah L. Rodriguez is an Associate Professor of Higher Education & Learning Technologies at Texas A&M University – Commerce. Dr. Rodriguez’s research addresses issues of equity, access, and retention in higher education, with a focus on community colleges, Latina/o/x students, and students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Currently, she is involved with several large-scale interdisciplinary research projects focused on institutional environments and STEM identity development which have been sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), including several projects which focus specifically on computing experiences as well as computer, electrical, and software engineering identity development. She received her PhD in Higher Education Leadership from The University of Texas at Austin and holds a master’s degree with a focus in College Student Personnel from The University of Tennessee. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish from Texas A&M University-Commerce and was a transfer student from Trinity Valley Community College. To learn more about her current projects, visit