ECE Florida Women Inventors

​In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’ve taken the time to compile some of ECE Florida’s women inventors (patent holders). Know of any more? Email and we’ll add them here.

Who Link to Patent Description
Dr. Janise McNair Link A technology to share ad hoc social messages without being connected to WiFi or the Internet (think of a personal Twitter within your social group only). Social messages can automatically be passed and carried from one friend to another as you walk by them on campus.
Dr. Jessica Meloy with Dr. Mark Sheplak Link Jessica developed the interface circuitry for a MEMS sensor enabling a direct measurement of wall shear stress. This sensor helps characterize aerodynamic drag and is now part of NASA research facilities.
Dr. Seahee Hwangbo with Dr. Y.K. Yoon Link Tiny antennas integrated in glass wafers are invented. The antennas enable chips and boards to wirelessly communicate each other using broadband signals, allowing high speed computation and massive data transmission for the 5G and IoT era.
Dr. Gloria J. Kim, with Dr. Y.K. Yoon Link A smart mouthguard integrated with multiple sensors, a microprocessor, and a wireless electronics has been invented. This device enables the diagnosis, quantification, and management of i.e. bruxism while wearing the device.
Dr. Christy L. She, with John G. HarrisJose C. Principe Link Low power, wavelet-based spike detector to be used for neural recording in brain-machine interfaces
Dr. Du Chen, with John G. HarrisJose C. Principe Link Device and methods for biphasic pulse signal coding to efficiently record neural recordings and transmit them outside the body
Dr. Qing Yang, with Dr. John G. Harris, Colleen Garbe Le Prell Link Digital sound leveling device and method to reduce the risk of noise induced hearing loss