Seminar: CWC Aware Ambassadors Present “Stress and Anxiety Management”

UF Counseling & Wellness Center (CWC) AWARE Ambassadors Michell Hernandez & Lance Pancoast
“Stress & Anxiety Management”
Thursday, Jan. 27 at 1:00pm
Via Zoom
Email for more information

The ECE Graduate Wellness Working Group is pleased to host two AWARE ambassadors from the UF Counseling & Wellness Center (CWC) on Thursday, Jan. 27. Michell Hernandez and Lance Pancoast have both shown immense passion for mental health and eliminating the stigma around mental health issues and are fully trained by the CWC to lead outreach activities. Knowing that graduate school is notoriously challenging and stressful, they will present “Stress and Anxiety Management” to ECE graduate students.

Michell and Lance will present evidence-based tips to identify and cope with anxiety when it arises. They will also lead a mindfulness activity to help with this as well. Finally, they will take time to inform the audience of all of the relevant resources offered by the CWC.

The mission of the CWC is to promote health and wellness for all students on campus—graduate and undergraduate. As part of this mission, they want to make sure that graduate students know they are seen and welcome at the CWC whenever help is needed.