Seminar: John Goodenough

“Super Mario and SoC Plumbing”
Thursday, Nov. 10 at 1:00pm
LAR 234 [ map ]


Modern SoC integrations are highly complex compositions of hardware and software which require careful strategies to achieve right first-time design integration and deployment into service. A great deal of the excitement in modern SoC Design focuses on the latest processor microarchitecture, AI accelerator or security exploit. This lecture will take an orthogonal look into the plumbing required to integrate a secure, safe, power-efficient SoC that can be easily deployed to developers and integrators and maintained over the full-service lifetime of the microelectronic system into which it is deployed. We are on the cusp of an exciting AI-driven revolution in both design automation and assurance of SoC systems with new opportunities from heterogeneous integration. The talk hopes to inspire those innovating in SoC to not only achieve excellent application performance through a selection of appropriate processing elements but to do so in a way that will result in low lifetime-NRE solutions that exploit new manufacturing strategies.


Dr. John Goodenough is currently an advanced fellow in integrated SoC design at the University of Sheffield where he is researching architectural composition strategies, methodologies suitable for their aggressive design automation, and assurance for modern highly integrated SoC designs. John started his career as a lecturer in electronic systems before spinning out an SoC design consultancy that was subsequently acquired by Arm. During his 22 yrs at Arm, Dr. Goodenough held a number of executive technology management positions in architecture, design methodology, IT, and research, collaborating widely across the EDA semiconductor manufacturing and academic research ecosystems. Dr Goodenough received his BS in Engineering Science from the University of Durham and a PhD in heterogenous VLSI architecture from the University of Sheffield.