Tehranipoor Receives SRC Aristotle Award

Dr. Mark Tehranipoor

ECE Chair Mark Tehranipoor received the 2023 Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) Aristotle Award. The award recognizes SRC-supported faculty whose deep commitment to the educational experience of students has had a profound and continuing impact on their professional performance and consequently a significant impact for members over a long period of time. SRC is a world-renowned, high technology-based consortium that serves as a crossroads of collaboration between technology companies, academia, government agencies, and SRC’s highly regarded engineers and scientists. Tehranipoor’s history with SRC is a long one—his research has been funded by SRC for 19 straight years.

Tehranipoor and Younkin
President & CEO of SRC Todd Younkin presents the award to Dr. Tehranipoor

Dr. Tehranipoor’s commitment to his students is evident in the numbers—he has supervised nearly 30 PhD dissertations, 17 post-docs/research professors, 7 masters, and 60 undergraduate students while currently supervising 25 PhDs/7 post-docs.

About the Award

The Aristotle Award was first presented in 1995. The award is intended to acknowledge outstanding teaching in its broadest sense, emphasizing student advising and teaching during the research project thereby contributing to the maturation of the student. A primary goal of SRC is to produce advanced degree students with the capability to work effectively in the semiconductor industry.

Dr. Tehranipoor is in good company—the winners are some of the most accomplished academic researchers in the world. 

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