Seminar: Kip Ludwig

Kip Ludwig

“Lessons in Translation: Accelerating the Path to Market for Neurotechnology”
Thursday, Nov. 9 at 1:00pm
LAR 234
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In this seminar, Dr. Kip Ludwig will discuss his practical experiences translating implantable devices to stimulate the nervous system – commonly known as neuromodulation, bioelectronic medicine or electroceutical practice – into clinical practice. From his experiences, spanning industry as well as running NIH translational devices programs, he will outline key concepts often overlooked in academia that are critical in designing a neuromodulation device for market. He will also discuss his efforts leading the Wisconsin Institute for Translational Neuroengineering to create a multifaceted research environment to accelerate the path for neuromodulation devices from basic science discovery to regulatory approval and sustainable market.


Dr. Ludwig is the Co-Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Translational Neuroengineering (WITNe) and leads the Ludwig Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin within the WITNe structure. The primary focus of his lab is developing next-generation neuromodulation therapies that use minimally invasive strategies to hack the nervous system to treat circuit dysfunction and deliver biomolecules to target areas with unprecedented precision.

Prior to Wisconsin, Dr. Ludwig served as the Program Director for Neural Engineering at the National Institutes of Health. He co-led the Translational Devices Program at NINDS, led the NIH BRAIN Initiative programs to catalyze implantable academic and clinical devices to stimulate and/or record from the central nervous system, and led a trans-NIH planning team in developing the ~250 million dollar S.P.A.R.C. Program to stimulate advances in neuromodulation therapies for organ systems.

Dr. Ludwig also worked in industry as a research scientist, where his team conceived, developed and demonstrated the chronic efficacy of a next-generation neural stimulation electrode for reducing blood pressure in both pre-clinical studies and clinical trials. Through his industry work he oversaw Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and non-GLP studies enabling clinical trials in Europe and the United States, as well as participated in the protocol development and execution of those trials, leading to approval for sale in twenty countries including the United States.

Dr. Ludwig connects his academic research to the neuromodulation industry and clinical translation through multiple consulting and advisory roles. He serves as the Chair of the NeuroOne Scientific Advisory Board on Artificial Intelligence, and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Abbott, Battelle, Blackfynn, Cala Health, the National Center for Adaptive Neurotechnologies and Presidio Medical. He is a co-founder of Neuronoff, Inc. and NeuraWorx. Dr. Ludwig is also a paid consultant for Galvani Bioelectronics, CVRx, Presidio Medical, and the Alfred Mann Foundation.