Seminar: Chris Kim

“Quantum-inspired Ising Chips for Solving Hard Optimization Problems”
Thursday, Nov. 16 at 10:30am
LAR 234


In this talk, I will introduce a novel computing paradigm that leverages the natural behavior of coupled oscillators converging to the ground state, to solve hard optimization problems. Our first-of-its-kind annealing chips incorporating all-to-all connected CMOS coupled oscillators show that solutions to Ising problems can be found with superior efficiency than traditional digital computation methods. I will conclude the presentation by addressing the current challenges associated with quantum-inspired annealer processors and discussing future collaboration opportunities with applications and optimization experts.


Dr. Chris H. Kim is the Louis John Schnell professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering with the University of Minnesota where he also holds the Distinguished McKnight University Professorship. He is the recipient of the University of Minnesota’s Taylor Award for Distinguished Research, Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) Technical Excellence Award for his Silicon Odometer research, NSF CAREER Award, McKnight Foundation Land-Grant Professorship, DAC/ISSCC Student Design Contest Awards, IBM Faculty Partnership Awards, ISLPED Low Power Design Contest Awards, and ISLPED Best Paper Awards. His group has expertise in digital, mixed-signal, and memory IC design, with emphasis on quantum-inspired computing, circuit reliability, hardware security, hardware-software co-design, radiation effects in integrated circuits, time-based circuits, and machine learning hardware design. He is an IEEE fellow.