Seminar: Jeyanandh Paramesh

“Integrated Systems for the Beyond-5G Era: Circuits, Technologies and Algorithms”
Jeyanandh Paramesh
Thursday, March 14 @ 11:45 am
LAR 310


New markets are emerging based on exciting new application domains such as the internet-of-things, self-driving vehicles, virtual/augmented reality, medical imaging, cubesats etc. These applications all entail a massively dense web of interconnected devices that rely on fast, robust and secure wireless connectivity. In turn, this motivates the need for a new generation of energy-efficient hardware that must support advanced wireless algorithms such as multi-input-multi-output (MIMO) signaling, millimeter-wave operation, full-duplex communication etc., as well as in situmachine learning algorithms, mixed-domain signal processing algorithms and hardware-level security features.

In this talk, Dr. Paramesh will describe his group’s broad research accomplishments spanning circuits/architectures, algorithm-circuit co-design and circuit-device co-design with novel “more-than-Moore” technologies, all of which are aimed at addressing the aforementioned challenges. He will describe advanced IC design techniques and algorithm-circuit co-design for millimeter-wave MIMO transceivers and constituent sub-systems such as digital frequency synthesizers and equalizers. He will also describe the pioneering collaborative research on the reconfiguration of RF integrated circuits using “phase-change” switches. Finally, he will describe his future plans for research and education.


Jeyanandh Paramesh received the B.Tech, degree from IIT, Madras, the M.S degree from Oregon State University and the Ph.D degrees from the University of Washington, Seattle, all in Electrical Engineering. He is currently Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He previously held product development and research positions with Analog Devices, Motorola and Intel. His research broadly addresses design and technological challenges related to RF and mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems for emerging applications.