Seminar: Elie Bursztein from Google

“How to Successfully Harness AI to Combat Fraud and Abuse”
Elie Bursztein
Wednesday, March 13 @ 9:00 am
Reitz Union Chamber


While machine learning is integral to innumerable anti-abuse systems including spam and phishing detection, the road to reap its benefits is paved with numerous abuse-specific challenges. Drawing from concrete examples, this session will discuss how these challenges are addressed at Google and will provide a roadmap to anyone interested in applying machine learning to fraud and abuse problems. Watching this talk will allow you to:

  • Learn how machine learning helps combat fraud and abuse
  • Discover how to overcome challenges faced when using machine learning to anti-abuse
  • Understand what the unsolved challenges are in the space


Elie Bursztein leads Google’s anti-abuse research, which helps protect users against Internet threats. Elie has contributed to applied-cryptography, machine learning for security, malware understanding, and web security; authoring over fifty research papers in the field for which he was awarded 5 best papers awards and multiple industry distinctions. Most recently, he was involved in finding the first SHA-1 collision. Elie is a beret aficionado, blogs at, tweets @elie, and performs magic tricks in his spare time. Born in Paris, he received a Ph.D from ENS-cachan in 2008 before working at Stanford University and ultimately joining Google in 2011. He now lives with his wife in Mountain View, California.