ECE Big Ideas Seminar: Sanjeev Koppal & Roozbeh Tabrizian

Dr. Sanjeev Koppal
Thursday, Sept. 10, 1:00–1:15 pm
“Fast Foveation Sensors”

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Most cameras today capture images without considering scene content. In contrast, animal eyes have fast mechanical movements that control how the scene is imaged in detail by the fovea, where visual acuity is highest. The prevalence of foveation, and the wide variety of it, makes it very clear that this is an effective visual design strategy. In this talk, I cover our recent work on creating cameras and algorithms that enable fast, selective foveating imaging. I will discuss examples of such cameras, LIDARs and projectors that utilize newly available, next generation micro-mechanical optics.

Dr. Roozbeh Tabrizian
Thursday, Sept. 10, 1:30–1:45 pm
“How Integrated Nano-Electro-Mechanics Can Resolve the Wireless Spectrum Congestion of the IoT Era”


The emerging connected world of the IoT era relies on massive wireless communications among billions of users, leading to inevitable congestion of our limited spectrum resources. Dr. Tabrizian and his team address the spectrum allocation challenge by developing novel nano-scale electro-mechanical systems that enable adaptive spectral processing at the chip-scale. In this talk, Dr. Tabrizian shares innovative engineering techniques for monolithic integration of configurable filters enabling chip-scale software-defined radios for the first time. He also introduces exciting opportunities at the intersection of semiconductor electronics and nano-mechanics to create spectral processing intelligence at the hardware level.