Tag: power

Seminar: Linda Rae

Linda Rae is the general manager for the power generation and oil and gas businesses for GE Digital. On Thursday, Sept. 28, at 1:00pm in LAR 234, she will provide an overview about GE Vernova (a spin-off for GE’s energy businesses) and GE Digital.

Seminar: Rafael Segundo

Dr. Rafael Segundo is a Research Associate at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. He presents “Stability Assessment of Forthcoming Power Networks with Massive Integration of Renewable Energy Source” Wednesday, Nov. 1 at 3:00pm ET via IEEE.org.

Seminar: Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt

Dr. Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt is currently a senior lecturer in Electrical Power Systems at the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) at Loughborough University. He presents “Understanding of Grid-Forming Control for Inverter-Based Resources: Theory and Practice” Wednesday, Oct. 25 via IEEE.org.

Seminar: Miguel Ortega-Vazquez

Dr. Miguel A. Ortega-Vazquez is an an affiliate associate professor at the University of Washington (UW), Seattle WA. He presents “Adopting Probabilistic Forecasts for Secure Operating Planning” Thursday, Nov. 18 at 1:00pm via Zoom.

Seminar: Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt

Dr. Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt is currently a professor in electrical power engineering at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Cybernetics, University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway. He presents “Frequency Control and Inertia Response Schemes for Future Power Networks” Friday, Oct. 22 at 1:00pm via Zoom.

Seminar: Edson Bortoni

Dr. Edson Bortoni is a professor and the president (Rector) of the UNIFEI, Itajubá, Brazil. He presents “The Meaning of Energy Transition for the Brazilian Energy System” Thursday, Oct. 7 at 1:00pm via Zoom.

Seminar: Pablo Gomez

Dr. Pablo Gomez is an associate professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Western Michigan University (WMU). He presents “Contemporary Challenges of the Transient Analysis and Electromagnetic Design of Power Grid Components and Systems” Thursday, Sept. 23 at Noon via Zoom.

Seminar: Paul Denholm

Dr. Paul Denholm is a principal energy analyst with NREL. He presents “Inertia and the Power Grid: A Guide Without the Spin” Thursday, November 4 at 1:00pm via Zoom.